New Tangles: Ziptooth and Sea Oats


Ziptooth arose out of a string made mostly of long, arcing lines traversing from one point to another in parallel – begging to be filled with borders. With just a little shading up and down the zigzag lines, it really stands out.

Sea Oats

Sea Oats came from a longing for the beach. When I was a child, my family spent every summer on the Gulf Coast, in the stretch where the borders between Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are mere formalities. The beaches were white sand, the ocean was enormous, and banks of sea oats sprang up everywhere you looked. Again, a little shading on this tangle goes a long way.

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First post, and it’ll be image-heavy. Welcome, all. 🙂

For Christmas of 2009, my mother sent me a Zentangle kit. I’d never heard of Zentangle before, but the form immediately grabbed me. Unfortunately, 2010 was a rough year, and most of my hobbies drifted. I didn’t get a chance to really dive into Zentangle art until about November of 2010. We’d moved from Buffalo, NY to Alexandria, VA, and we’d finally had about a month to settle in. I came across the growing Zentangle community online and immediately started collecting tangles. Mother supplemented my tile supply for Christmas, and I finally started making serious inroads into the art.

Below are several tiles I’ve done since Christmas. While I’ve done several loose tangles on paper, I’m going to focus on posting work done on the 3×3 tiles which are the primary medium for Zentangle. They have a gorgeous, buttery feel, and they take well to the Sakura Micron Pigma pens preferred by the Zentangle community.


Christmas Day, on a prestrung tile from the Zentangle kit. At the time, I was only able to use community-generated tangles, not the "core" tangles.


My wife liked this one. It's the second time I used a border tangle I made - the toothy one on the bottom right of the tile.


This featured a lot of community tangles I love. Can you find the heart in the string?


This was a helpful tile. I've never had a good handle on shading and lighting in other art forms, but working on these tiles has given me some pointers.


The string was very loose, so the final dimensions weren't as neat as I wanted - but Zentangle isn't about making neat lines. 🙂 The spider begged to be added. Can you tell I like my toothy border?


I've been looking for an excuse to use Jane Monk's shell-whorl tangle for weeks. There's another new tangle in this tile: the test run of Sea Oats.


I wasn't happy with this tile right from the first tangle, but by the end I was into it. The shading really brought out to contrast, especially in the upper two string partitions. Also, have some more Sea Oats!

1/19/11 - Ko

My four-year-old daughter made this one - she immediately wants in on any artsycraftsies she sees Daddy or Mama doing!

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