I’m an artsy-craftsy person, so I finally decided to make a blog to post the fun stuff I do – when I have time to do it. Being stay-at-home dad to two young girls (Ko, the elder; Ki, the younger) means that “free time” is a rare luxury indeed! My wife (Kes) also has the crafting bug. We all try to inspire each other’s art.

My primary arena of work is papercrafting; specifically, the practice of cutting, scoring, and gluing flat sheets of paper into 3D sculptures. I’m also involved with Zentangle® art and cross-stitching. By all means, if you don’t know about Zentangle, give that link a click! Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have brought together simple principles to create something complex and beautiful (which is exactly what Zentangle allows common folk like you and me to do).

All images posted on this blog are copyright RMDC. If you repost any of these images, please slap a little copyright notice somewhere around them and link back to me. 🙂


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