Quick update: Wooden Spoon Complete

Finished it last night while the kids watched The Sword in the Stone. I’d never seen the movie before – or at least not to my memory – and I could probably rant for an hour about Merlin. But that’s another post for another blog. 🙂

Wooden Spoon Complete


“Finished” being a relative term; shading and potential color work are in the future. I’d hoped to print out a couple dummy sheets in order to start those very processes, but I think my poor printer is finally giving out. It’s an HP PSC 1210 – one of those print-scan-copy dealios. It was, like most entry-grade consumer printers, very inexpensive; the ink is where they get ya, doncha know.

And I think I’m going to have to grab some more pens soon. All my pens – 01, 03, and 05 – are starting to wane. Good thing AC Moore always has a 50% off coupon floating around… 🙂

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