Catch-up: Sketchbook Work, Plus a New Tangle

I promised (sort of) more sketchbook pages, and now I deliver. I upped the scan resolution and brought down the scale and file size just a tad.


The first real tangle page in my sketchbook was my shot at Laura Harms‘s Challenge #1. I never did try her earlier challenges. I let roll up a tangle. Zenplosion Folds was lucky number 107. Between the folds and the aura, it’s anything but “simplicity” visually – it’s so busy that the details get lost. But I had a blast with it. Zircles are definitely fun.

6 / 4 / 11

My pencil commentary (and pencil string) scanned well enough to speak for itself. Several of my tangles snuck into this one, including Deesix (plus a d10), Ziptooth, Sea Oats, and a sneak peek at the new tangle. 🙂

6 / 5 / 11

This was the second tile to feature Exofern; I was (and kinda am) still struggling to wrap my head around it. This started as two intersecting circles. I knew I wanted to start with a waterfall. Most of the tangles popped out of the repository of their own volition. I like the left half a lot more than the cluttered, unfocused right… though it kind of suggests a maw. <.<

My big honkin’ Sakura sepia-toned brush pen snuck in a few squiggles on the waterfall and in Hibred. Of course, I scanned the image in greyscale without thinking.

6 / 6 / 11

My entry for 6/6 made me grateful that I’d given myself permission to screw up in this sketchbook. The centerpiece started well enough, but my attempt at a geometric star shape resulted in disaster, with the overlapping petals coming mostly out of a rush to cover up my mistake. I wish I’d left myself more space for the little tangles to bloom. I remembered to scan it in color, at least, so you can (almost) see the brown in the centerpiece and the Opus fronds.

And finally, to reward you for scrolling through my vanity…


Slowly but surely, I’m beginning to grasp the potential of this tangle. I haven’t quite gotten it to behave as well as it did in the second picture of this post, but it’s coming along.

For those who can’t read my chicken scratch: “Exofern is a very responsive tangle which relies on its environment to give it structure. It doesn’t like open, broad spaces – it wants to creep along the borders and in-between spaces. Mixing sharp corners and organic curves helps give Exofern its alien feel. Goes well with gooey, twisty, damp tangles like Msst, Btl Joos, Tadpegs, Fescu, Ziptooth, and Squid!”

I hope you get some mileage out of it, fellow tangler. 😀

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