Long, long hiatus has finally ended

Several months ago, pretty shortly after my last post here, the computer went bye-bye. The replacement which got us through the interim was a refurbished first-generation Eee netbook; it barely wanted to function, and there was no way to get pictures onto it. Any hopes of reviving the blog were kaput.

We’ve had our replacement for the replacement – now a Windows 7 desktop – for a couple weeks. Of course, now our camera has crapped out. The scanner works, and there’s a possibility that our webcam can fill in. Given that, I think I’m finally back in a place where I can start regular posting again… for the approximately two people who will notice. πŸ˜› Well, that’s fine. This blog is a repository for me to keep track of my work and for a few others to see what’s going on with my crafts. If anyone else gets enjoyment, hurrah!

I’ve done several crafty things during the hiatus, mostly related to Zentangle. (The Eee couldn’t handle papercraft templates, either, so I’ve had to set my knife and glue aside until now.) I’ve been doing work in my sketchbook more often than on tiles. I grabbed a six-by-nine-inch ring-bound sketchbook on sale at Michaels, and on the first page I wrote a note to myself that this book was specifically for experimentation and screwing up. I think I have to give myself express permission to screw up in crafty endeavors. It’s been liberating. πŸ˜€

There are several pages I hope to record here, but today I’m just going to share my current project:

Wooden Spoon

Yeah, I think we’re going to have to work on that scan quality. :/ Feel free to click through and see the image in way-larger-than-life size, warts and all.

I got the urge to do a negative-space silhouette. A wooden slotted spoon from the girls’ play kitchen was lying around. I penciled its outline and started tangling with no other string laid out. I didn’t have any grand purpose in choosing the tangles; for the most part, I just rooted through my tiny tangle sketchbook to see what caught my eye. There are a couple of my own tangles in there, including one I’m fine-tuning for “public release”. My wife saw a few tangles relating to the spoon, though, and asked whether I was designing a cookbook cover. πŸ™‚

I can definitely see the potential for shading on this page. There seems to be a natural “behindness” to some of the tangles, largely because the edge of one tangle becomes the string for the next. I may also experiment with adding color. The nice thing about black and white Zentangles and ZIA is that you can easily copy or scan them and add more without irrevocably altering the original.

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