Challenge #7 and Tanglebook

Three days without a post! It’s been a full weekend. But I finally have a chance to catch up here on the blog.

2/1/11 - Challenge #7

The Diva’s Weekly Challenge dropped yesterday. The topic was simple: Breathe! She drew a connection with yoga, and it was entirely appropriate. I have a routine on Wii Fit Plus that involves several yoga poses mixed with general exercise. I find that I’m grateful for the animated trainer’s voice reminding me to keep breathing, because I have a bad habit of tightening my chest and holding my breath while I concentrate on the pose. Little did I imagine that I would find the same problem while tangling! I became aware of my tendency to tighten up and focus on the line. When I stopped to remind myself to keep breathing (a frequent occurrence), I found that the lines came much more easily.

This morning was very misty in northern Virginia, so I knew I had to use Msst. Afterglo and Waves finished the tile. I normally fit about forty thousand tangles or so into a tile, so it was nice to use so few tangles and let them take their course across the tile. I still have a stock of prestrung tiles. Ko likes to use them; this is one she got out to use before being distracted and leaving it lying around.

I also got a couple of small sketchbooks. Michaels has a BOGO sale on Strathmore green and brown pads, so I snagged a couple of little 100-sheet pocket sketch pads. I’m finally getting around to making a more portable tangle archive.


I’m keeping my numbering convention so that I can still randomize what tangle I’m using when I’m out and about – though the number of tangles available mean that I would have to carry around 3d10 to roll for a number. I’ll probably pull numbers from my environment instead.

I’d love to see shots of your tanglebook if you keep one!

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7 Responses to Challenge #7 and Tanglebook

  1. Awesome tangle! I love the little oval of negative space on the upper left. It looks like the place where the breath comes in!

  2. Relaxed and uncomplicated…I like this!

  3. Pat W. says:

    Very airy tile! I like your idea about the tangle archive. I need to do something like that.

  4. The simplicity of this tile is great it expresses the breathe so well!

  5. Very well executed response to this week’s challenge – I like it! I’ve started to log my “known” patterns and those I’ve designed for myself; just need to decide the form I choose to record them! Decisions, decisions….

  6. Love your use of Msst – so perfect for “Breathe”. And I just bought myself a beautiful little tangle notebook (yesterday) too. There’s nothing in it (yet). But when there is, I’ll share it! [smiles]

  7. leslierahye says:

    great tangl! Love your idea for a mini tangle book!
    Thank you for sharing~

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