Zendala: Muladhara

Several zircles have asked me to tangle them lately. When I get on a roll with something for several days, I start to wonder if it represents something that I need to do. Sort of like how you know you’re potassium deficient if you start craving bananas. So I’m launching a zircle series to see how far it takes me.

Today I started with the Maladhara, the root chakra in many – probably most – systems which link sacred circles to the body. It deals with matters of instinct, security, potential, survival, stability, and self-control. It’s generally represented as a square within a circle, sometimes with a triangle at the center, with four lotus petals surrounding.

I started with another candle jar top circle, then used a ruler to get some guides in place. Is it cheating? I dunno. It felt right.

1/27/11: Muladhara

I used a Sakura Micron 05 to get a thick, bold line for the base shape of the chakra. I ordered a set of three pens a while back – 01, 03, and 05 – and I find the wider tips handy for making strong borders and filling in broad areas. Not to mention that they save wear on my 01 so that it’ll last longer.

As usual, I let Random.org select the tangles I would use. I was pleased as punch with the results, especially Hope, Shell Whorl, Fans, Hibred, and Keeko. I found it very interesting that Ixorus was chosen again. This is three tiles in four days which feature that tangle, and it was twice chosen randomly out of my repository of about 150 tangles stored on my computer. I wonder if there’s something I can learn from Ixorus?

1/27/11: Muladhara, tangled & unshaded

The shading gave the tile depth and removed some of the sense of business.  Once again, I found that my camera was more eager to capture the black lines of the Sakura than the subtle pencil. I bumped up the contrast, but it’s still nicer in person. Every area received some sort of shading, but it’s only visible below in a handful of tangles. I really need to find a better way to photograph these.

1/27/11: Muladhara, finished

I was a little disappointed with how messy Paradox wound up being. I’m tempted to blame it on the kids, which would be accurate enough, but I could have been more deliberate. Another lesson learned. On the other hand, I was pleased that several tangles I usually pass up came out so nicely here. And it’s always a joy to work with Shell Whorl and Hibred.

Are there any strings or tangles that have pulled you in for days at a time? Did they teach you anything?

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One Response to Zendala: Muladhara

  1. Thank you for sharing your process; it’s really interesting to see how other people approach the making of Zentangle inspired art. I’ve been totally seduced by Nzeppel and find myself including it in nearly every drawing of late – and I haven’t the slightest idea of why I love it so!

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