Tile for Challenge #6

The Diva has been putting out weekly challenges to the Zentangle community. This week’s challenge was to use the new tangle Ixorus in a tile. I decided to finally join in the challenge.


I’ve been wanting to try circular strings for a while. This was traced from the bottom of a cup. I started with Ixorus, but it really turned out that Jane Monk’s Fern pattern really took center stage. I can’t take my eyes off the bold black. Unfortunately, the shading is too light for my camera, even after I jacked up the contrast in GIMP.

The pattern sectioned off by the Ziptooth border at lower left is sort of a variation of Cubine. I was playing around with it as I went. It was an on-the-fly decision to try for the effect of staring down an elevator shaft. I wonder if I can pull a new tangle out of that…?

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17 Responses to Tile for Challenge #6

  1. ledenzer says:

    I love your depiction of ixorus!

  2. Very beautiful in the circular pattern. I love doing zendala’s too!

  3. Kimmie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a circular one as well! After seeing this, I think I will for today’s daily tangle! :]

  4. Love your mandala, what a wonderful tangle pie you’ve created, can I have a big slice?

  5. 2WM says:

    Does a circular string really qualify it as a zendala? I kinda figured that it would have to reflect across at least one axis. o.o

  6. Whispering a circle of unity in diversity

  7. Carole Ohl says:

    Nice! glad you joined the party!

  8. Phine says:

    Love this one. It has a nice, slow movement.

  9. Sandypetals says:

    This is so cool. I love it in the orb too.

  10. leslierahye says:

    Welcome to the party! 😀
    Love your zircle! 😀 If we can’t call it a zendala, I think we should call it a zircle.
    I agree…the ferns stold the show…very beatiful work!

  11. 2WM says:

    I like that. “Zircle” it is. 😀

  12. ildiko says:

    great mandala !!

  13. EVA says:

    Very pretty!! I like circle zen doodling and often start with a CD or jar lid – this turned out beautifully!

  14. Beautiful tangle, ixorus fits in nicely!

  15. Very lovely…I so love tangles in circles!

  16. This is just luscious… the circular design is perfect for Ixorus! I can feel a mandala coming on – you’ve inspired me. [smiles]

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